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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some of the most common question about Destination Hike here for your reference. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please make sure to email

Enjoying Nature

Why is there a cost for hikes?

Destination Hike LLC, is a business that provides guided local hikes, organized camping events, organized kayaking activities, Hike and Yoga, and travel trips, and so much more. As an organized hiking busines, we charge fees for our hikes to cover website fees, marketing fees, incidentals, and more. 

Do I have to be a member to attend local hikes or travel trips?

You do not have to be a member to attend any Destination Hike event. Membership provides discounts for local and travel hikes and camping within a calendar year. There are two types of Memberships: Gold and Silver. Gold Members receive 10% off Travel hikes and Camping events, 15% off Specialized Events, 10% off Local Hikes, and 10% off Merchandise. Silver Members receive 15% off Specialized Events and 10 % off Local Hikes. The window to become an annual member is from December 15 of the current year- January 15 of the active year. For example, to become a 2023 member, you would have from December 15, 2022- January 15, 2023 to purchase membership. 

Why are the exact locations for hikes not listed on the website when registering? And where do I get that information?

Exact locations for local hikes are provided specifically for those who register. This is done to ensure that those who have paid and registered are those who come to the location. (See above "Why is there a cost for hikes" for more information). Exact location is also only provided to those who register as a safety precaution. General information such as city, state, or park name is provided in registration information.

When registering for local hikes, you will receive an email 1 week prior to the hike date from with all the necessary information.


Travel trips will identify the state, and indicate if local or national parks will be visited, however, the details of exact trails at parks, arrival time, and more specific information will only be provided to those who register for the trips.

Why do I have to agree to the terms in the waiver?

Hiking is a fun outdoor activity that many people love to enjoy through all weather. Hiking also is inherently dangerous, meaning there is a potential at any time for someone on a hike to fall, roll an ankle, get poison ivy, suffer from heat stroke, get stung or bit by a nature, suffer from dehydration, animal attack, so on and so forth. We do our best to find locations where the potential for danger is at a minimum however it is never zero. Agreeing to the waiver ensures that you understand the inherent risks of hiking and enter into the led group hiking space aware of any potential issues. Additionally, drug or alcohol use is NOT permitted on any Destination Hike event or activity. 

What happens if I can't keep up on a hike.

Each hike will have an indication of the level of hike (Easy, Moderate, or Hard), the distance in mileage of the trail, and the elevation. When registering for a hike, please make sure to self asses if you can do a 3-mile easy hike, or 6-mile moderate hike, etc. It is important to note that hiking trails are fundamentally different than walking on asphalt or sidewalk. 

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