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Destination Hike, LLC was established in May, 2020. Starting out as a social group to connect hiking enthusiasts, Destination Hike, LLC has transformed into company that creates local hiking events, travel camping trips, and week long cross country travel hiking excursions.

Destination Hike does between 22-30 local hikes each year, which roughly estimates to about 2 hikes per month, sometimes 3. There are many trails to explore in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area that many locals are not even aware exist. "I love finding these unique trails that people would never know existed were it not for intentionally looking for something new. We still visit the popular trails, but the fun is finding those trails few people know about." - Natalie Smart.

"Destination" was always the focus of Destination Hike. "I want to guide people to different parts of the country to see the variety of beauty in nature," Founder Natalie Smart said about the mission behind Destination Hike. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, and now living in Maryland, Natalie first got the idea to do travel group hikes simply by wanting to take the people she hiked with in Maryland to her hometown where her love of hiking first started. 

The success of the first Vegas travel trip in 2022 with 16 participants solidified the decision to continue to exploring more locations throughout the U.S. Since the first Vegas hiking trip, Destination Hike has explored 10 more states making the total states visited for hiking and camping 11 from 2020-2023. 

Destination Hike, LLC has done activities in D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Maine, and Utah. 2024 will be the first International Travel trip.

Destination Hike, LLC has 6 Wilderness First Aid Certified volunteer Hike Staff. There have been over 1,000 different participants who have attended an activity offered by Destination Hike and growing. Destination Hike is open for anyone who wants to attend a local hike, travel camping event, or travel hiking event. We encourage participants of all hike level, race/ethnicities, ages, orientation, etc to attend our events. All hikes will indicate the level of difficulty and registrants should determine if they can manage the difficulty of the hike they are interested in attending. 

For those individuals who plan on attending multiple activities throughout the year, Membership options are available for discounted rates on the annual hikes. We charge a small fee for our hikes to balance cover the cost of training for hike leaders, organization insurance, website fees, and marketing fees. These payments help us to continue to grow as business and create more new and creative future activities.


We look forward to continuing to grow and exploring more states and countries in the upcoming years.  

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